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The Lithosphere book by Artemieva. Cambridge
Artemieva I.M., 2011.
The lithosphere:
An interdisciplinary

Cambridge University Press,
794 pp., ISBN 9780521843966.

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Thermal structure and thickness of continental upper mantle

  • Global thermal models for the continental crust and upper mantle,
  • global maps of lithosphere thickness (thermal LAB)

Compositional heterogeneity of continental lithospheric mantle

    Based on separation of thermal and non-thermal signal in:
  • seismic tomography models (global and regional, elastic and anelastic);
  • global and regional gravity models (also based on satellite GOCE gravity data),
  • free-board constraints for cratonic regions of Europe and Siberia,
  • analysis of correlations of compositional anomalies with kimberlite locations,
  • correlations between lithosphere structure and different boundary layers (thermal, chemical,
  • crustal and upper mantle anisotropy and its relation to mantle dynamics and large-scale regional
  • lithosphere layering and the origin of mid-lithosphere discontinuity.

Growth rate of continental lithosphere and its secular evolution
  • constraints on growth and preservation rate of the continental lithosphere since the Archean based on
    a global thermal model complemented by tectono-thermal ages (1 deg x 1 deg global model TC1),
  • analysis of an interaction of deep lithospheric roots with a convective mantle (the "basal drag" model of
    lithosphere erosion); it provides end-member constraints on lithosphere thickness in Paleozoic and
    Proterozoic-Archean regions,
  • lithosphere control on anorthosite magmatism.

Structure of the crust
  • regional (digital) seismic model for Europe (Western Europe and the East European craton to the
    Urals mnts) and the North Atlantics region,
  • regional (digital) seismic model for Siberia (West Siberian Basin and Siberian craton),
  • regional seismic model for southern Africa (from Zimbabwe craton to the Cape Fold belt) based on
    Receiver Functions,
  • analysis of crust-mantle interaction and control on thickness of continental crust based on the
    European examples,
  • structure of major sedimentary basins, mechanisms of basin subsidence in intraplate settings.

Regional studies of lithosphere structure and dynamic topography in Europe
  • thermo-chemical heterogeneity of the European lithospheric mantle based on seismic, free-board, and
    thermal data
  • links between crustal and mantle structure and surface topography; regional dynamic topography

Lithosphere deformation and seismic anisotropy
  • seismic anisotropy in young orogens and a model of creep in the upper mantle,
  • numerical modeling of lithosphere deformation during extension and continental rifting.

Anomalous oceanic lithosphere
  • anomalous lithosphere structure of the North Atlantic ocean; role of pre-exiting lithosphere
    heterogeneity on ocean spreading; global structure of the oceanic crust and lithosphere; implications
    for mantle potential temperatures.
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Irina M. Artemieva
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The major focus of my research is on the structure, composition, thermal
regime, and secular evolution of the (primarily, continental) lithosphere,
and processes which create and modify the lithosphere
International Lithosphere
Programme ILP