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The Lithosphere book by Artemieva. Cambridge
Artemieva I.M., 2011.
The lithosphere:
An interdisciplinary

Cambridge University Press,
794 pp., ISBN 9780521843966.

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International Lithosphere
Programme ILP
New ILP Task Force, 2019-2024  

Lithosphere structure and mineral resources
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Prof. Irina Artemieva, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. Shuwen Dong, SINOPROBE and Nanjing University, China
Prof. Richard Ernst, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Objectives and scientific rationale

Geological, geodynamic and tectonic processes that define and control the lithosphere structure and
evolution are closely related to deposition of minerals, many of which occur only in specific lithospheric
settings. Recent technological shifts and the depletion of mineral resources put pressure on the mineral
exploration industry which is experiencing a boom in activity over the past decade. This boom is also
associated with breakthroughs in mineral exploration which build on new fundamental results in geophysics,
geochemistry, and geodynamics.

Significant efforts are being put forward internationally and nationally, e.g. at the scales of national
geological surveys, to bridge mineral exploration and the academic community. However, the results of the
academic research are not used at full by the mining industry. On the other side, a significant part of the
fundamental research does not target practical application of the results by the mineral exploration
community and the step between the academic result and its possible application is often missing.

The objective of the proposed ILP Task Force is to provide a new framework for mineral exploration
targeting. This requires detailed knowledge on the lithosphere-scale structure, including detailed knowledge
of the crust, together with the improved and enhanced understanding of the impact of various plate tectonics
and mantle dynamics processes on the lithosphere composition and architecture.
Irina M. Artemieva
Geology Section, IGN
University of Copenhagen
Øster Voldgade 10
Copenhagen DK-1350